CAIR-CA PAC encourages and provides a forum for Muslims to partake in the American political process by voting, supporting political candidates, and involving themselves in political activities.  CAIR-CA PAC's campaign contributions provide financial support to state and congressional candidates who embrace principles of social justice, religious freedom and inclusion, and strengthened family units.

We are a registered Political Action Committee (PAC), and we address political issues that are important to the American Muslim community.  We bring these issues to the attention of elected individuals and candidates seeking public office.  CAIR-CA PAC also provides a forum for political candidates to state their positions on issues important to the American Muslims community.

CAIR-CA PAC intends to bring American Muslims to the forefront of the American political system.  We intend to achieve this goal by educating and informing American Muslims about American politics and inspiring American Muslims to participate in political activities.  We hope that, by encouraging American Muslims to make smaller donations, we, as a community, may offset the influence of wealthy and corporate donors.


  • Social justice
  • Religious freedom and inclusion
  • Political engagement
  • Strong family units
  • Political awareness

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