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CAIR-CA PAC consists of an Executive Committee and a Board of Directors. The Executive Committee comprises of Joseph Salas (President), Hanna Chandoo (Secretary), and Tahir Farukhi (Treasurer). The Board of Directors comprises of Hussam Ayloush, MehdiReza Hirji, and Fahd Jamil.

The PAC is establishing chapters in Northern California. More information about PAC leadership and our Northern California  chapters will be posted soon.



Americans. Muslims. Citizens.

We aim to create political strength for American Muslims so that our ideas and contributions help keep America a great country.

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Read about our vision, mission, and leadership below. Click here to see our 2016 voter guide and for more information about endorsements and upcoming events.

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CAIR-CA PAC is constantly looking for volunteers to participate in events, contribute to political campaigns, recommend candidates for endorsement, host fundraisers, and assist us with PAC management.

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CAIR-CA PAC's vision is to grow and be the third largest political action committee nationwide. We aspire to influence the current legal regime by maximizing our political contributions to candidates who have the American Muslim community's interest at heart. 

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CAIR-CA PAC is the largest political action committee representing the interests of American Muslims. We are an independent, non-partisan group concerned with domestic issues that affect the American Muslim community. Our mission is to find a way to help candidates who support the American Muslim community secure political positions and challenge candidates whose interests are averse to American Muslim interests. Our areas of chief concern are civil rights, civil liberties, education, the economy, the environment, immigration reform, and healthcare reform.

Our endorsements of and donations to candidates are based primarily on these issues. The primary factor we consider is a candidate's history of positive and consistent interactions with the American Muslim community and support for American Muslim issues, which include civil rights and social justice issues that concern all American citizens.